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Tom Wheatley check valves have been an integral part of the subsea and surface flow control arenas for over 70 years. with valves in service around the world, in the most critical backflow prevention applications, Tom Wheatley is recognized as the industry leader for check valve products. From deep water subsea check valves designed to protect offshore platforms, to the fire resistant valves used in surface pipeline and processing applications, Tom Wheatley offers a complete line of swing, piston and nozzle check products to meet our customers’ most demanding applications. Tom Wheatley Swing Check are used in critical service applications worldwide. The swing check design prevents backflow in a fraction of a second and there is no need for expensive actuation.

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Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries. Leveraging its global manufacturing, engineering and sales and service network, Cameron works with drilling contractors, oil & gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners and other process owners to control, direct, adjust, process, measure and compress pressures and flows.

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Engineered Equipment maintains three stocking warehouses convenient to major production areas.

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