Sealweld products have been developed over almost forty years of practicing on-line valve maintenance. We strive to make the valve technicians job more productive through the development of these effective products. We are constantly upgrading our sealant delivery systems by improving our pumps and adapters. Just as fuels such as gasoline have evolved over the years, so must our lubricant/sealants and delivery systems. New products are constantly being developed to meet the demanding needs of pipelines around the world.

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Sealweld ACTIV-8®

Sealweld ACTIV-8® is the favorite pump of professional valve technicians. The ACTIV-8® is capable of drawing product directly from a 10 pound can and is capable of running on compressed air, bottled air or natural gas in an emergency.*

Sealweld® Mongoose

The patented Sealweld® Mongoose is a small frame-mounted manual injection pump.  It features one of the quickest lock and release caps in the industry, making refilling fast and easy.  Weighing in just under 40lbs, the Mongoose can be picked up and moved using the carry handles, but with the optional magnetic wheel assembly, the Mongoose can be carted around quickly from one valve to another in the plant or the field.  

Lubricants, Sealants and Cleaners

Sealweld Valve Care Products are recommended by many of the world's largest valve manufacturers and are recommended as "no substitute" by many of the world's largest pipeline operators and oil and gas companies for over forty years.

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