Val-Tex, founded in 1962, is one of the industry's premier providers of high-quality valve maintenance products such as sealants, lubricants, fittings, and injection equipment. Our long-standing commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust and recommendation of the world's leading valve manufacturers.

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Lubrication Equipment

VALTEX Lubrication Equipment is recognized in the industrial sector for its high-quality lubrication products and systems. VALTEX specializes in manufacturing a diverse range of equipment, including grease guns, oil pumps, hose reels, and dispensing systems, designed to cater to various industrial lubrication needs.

Giant Buttonhead Fittings

Available in standard or Full Flow design. Both designs have a single check that provides the primary seal. The vent cap is a secondary seal and retards corrosion of the fitting face. Used on gate valves, such as WKM and Cameron, and ball valves such as Cameron, Grove and FMC having large capped fittings. Use a Val-Tex WKM or CIW-GB adapter for lubrication.

Combination Giant Buttonhead/Lube Screw Fittings

A working check valve is CRITICAL in ensuring valves can be serviced under pressure safely. Internal check valves will remain in place for years and must stand up to direct contact with corrosive environments. In addition, it is much more difficult to remove an internal check valve than a standard fitting, this is especially true when the internal check valve is corroded.

Auxiliary Fitting

Used as emergency sealing of leaking giant (AF-1) or standard (AF-2) buttonhead fittings. Nylon insert will provide a durable seal for uninterrupted service and a fitting lock will prevent accidental removal. This is a reusable device but can be left permanently.

QS-1800A (VIPER®)

An updated faster version of the typical antiquated manual 1400. The Viper® sits on the ground and builds pressure by pumping the foot pedal to allow for hands free operation. The QS-1800A will inject one ounce every 11 strokes compared to the 1400 which requires 44 strokes to move one ounce. The Viper® comes with a standard 6ft high pressure grease hose complete with gauge and coupler.

Lube Sealants

Val-Tex products play an important role in ensuring both safety and proper valve performance, while our innovative solutions also help to reduce fugitive valve emissions. Our comprehensive product offering and expert technical support make Val-Tex the obvious choice for all your valve needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you.

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